They Shall Call me Phoenix

Cleo Cornelius Hamilton approaches life with humor and joy; taking in stride the difficulties that he faces everyday as a college student with a disability. This video is a collaborative project, with footage shot and directed by Cleo. Through this project, we will begin to experience and see the world through Cleo’s eyes. While taking ownership of our own perspectives and preconceived notions.

Still Restless

After more than 13 years of homelessness, Dolphus T. Johnson struggles to adjust to his tiny new home, vacillating between comfort and confinement in 250 square feet while attempting to manage the obsessive-compulsive habits stemming from trauma that led him to the streets. 

Dr. Robert Fangio: Unsung Hero

Dr. Robert Fangio and his staff at the Amaus Dental Clinic are working to provide affordable dental care. Completed for Syracuse University's Martin Luther King Jr. Unsung Hero awards.

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